DEN Sky Collection 3-Pack

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Double Edged Notes journals are beautiful notebooks that help you take journaling/note-taking to the next level. With premium paper on the inside, you can use gel inks and similar pens without fear of smearing and bleeding through the paper. DEN journals also offer 185 numbered pages with three pages of table of contents and a page of stickers to help you index and archive your journal. Our journals are great for Bible journaling, office note-taking, drawing, sketching, etc.

Our lasting goal is to make a tangible impact on the world. So for every journal you purchase, we will print and distribute a Bible to someone in a country closed to the gospel.

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Why DEN Journals?


Ruled, Blank & Dot Grid

Choose the interior page style that best fits your personality.


Layflat Binding

Our pages lay flat. Perfect for journaling.


Table of Contents

Your own table of contents so you can find your entries with ease.


Numbered Pages

Numbered pages to keep your journey organized.


Archival Stickers

Each journal comes with a set of archival and spine stickers so you can easily organize your journalistic collection!

What journalers are saying about DEN

I have been using my Double Edged Notes for just over a month now and I love so much about it. The quality is astounding. From the feel of the front cover to the thickness of the paper it feels like a high quality notebook. My favorite design aspects are the lay flat binding and the tag lines at the top of each page.

Steve M.

I've owned many different journals over the years, and these are clearly made by someone who has experienced the usual small irritations from journals and also dreamed up all the "wouldn't it be nice if this had. . ." features. I have not found a negative aspect to this journal yet.

Bridget K.