If you’re looking for a gift for Mom, consider a DEN journal. There’s still time, and you can even get quick, free shipping from Amazon here (if you’re Prime or order is over $49). We think it makes for a great gift, but don’t take our word for it (we’re biased!). So here’s what women are saying about their DEN journals.

“Love the lay flat design and DIY table of contents (or tag page). Excellent quality! And for someone who is meticulous about journals, I love everything about it!” – LK

“You will find a set of stickers tucked into the back pocket so you can archive your book. You will find a three page “Table of Contents.” There are 185 pages and each page is numbered for you. All of these features makes this one of the best study journal books I have ever owned.” – TM

“This is simply an exquisite journal. The solid black slightly textured cover is gorgeous and so soft, it feels wonderful in your hands. The pages are of such high quality and absolutely do lay flat for journaling.” – MS

“I love being able keep personal journaling, encouragement, planning and inspiration in one place. With the organizational tools I can easily locate the information I want.” – SP

“I love the organization of the book. Makes for a great gift!” – TJ

“I love it! I do a lot of sketching, handlettering and note-taking and this has been the perfect journal for me. The leather is super soft and has a great premium look.” – JT

“This is a high-quality wonderful journal. It has numerous features that you usually don’t find in journals. Great residual value by someone receiving a Bible!” – DA

Again, you can get a journal from DEN.com. Or you can order a lined or unlined version on Amazon. Your choice. 

Happy Mother’s Day week!

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