Stewarding My Story, Part I

Stewarding My Story, Part I

One of the things we want to do this year at our company is make Double Edged Notes more personable. For the past few years, our company has largely been a faceless brand. And this has been partly intentional.

Back at the beginning of 2015, I confessed to some significant sin in my life. For the next 12 months, I began doing the hard work of heart work. The rest of 2015 wasn't a time to speak publicly or be on social media. It was a time to sit still before the Lord.  

Even when we launched Double Edged Notes the following year, I have tried to make sure to not use my story of grace in some manipulative way to somehow sell more journals.

But 6 years later, the time feels more appropriate to make sure I'm stewarding my story as the Lord would have me. So in an effort to do that well, I'm starting a three-part blog where you can hear about all that God has done to rescue, restore, and redeem me.

The first part comes from my 2017 Sunday Message when I was given a chance to share my story at my church. For 7 years, I wanted to keep my sin a secret. Now, I just pray I steward my story of grace as God intends. To Christ be the glory! 

Thanks for reading, watching, and listening [and journaling with me].

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