Journaling can be a time of great internal reflection. Some of my clearest thoughts come when I am alone with God, a pen, and paper. When God allows your mind, heart, and hand to connect through journaling, sometimes you have the natural urge to want to share with someone – but should you?

I was confronted on sharing what I journal by someone I love dearly. I was questioned on whether I was sharing from a pure heart or to boast in what I had written. Immediately, I turned defensive. “Why would I share my journal so you can think I’m a great writer? I’m just sharing what God put on my heart!” But was I? It caused me to process my motives on sharing with others what I journal (no matter how infrequent).

I think there is a “double-edge” to sharing what you journal. It can be both edifying and uplifting or it can be demeaning and destructive. For journalers, writing can become our way of sharing our thoughts with others. A way of unloading and a way of uplifting. I have had friends who I do life with who invite each other to share what we are journaling as a part of our mutual way to convict, learn, and edify one another. On the other edge of the sword for writers is becoming proud and boastful in our writings. A sort of “look how great I can write” demeanor which can be demeaning to others. This is what I was faced with by my loved one who confronted me. It wasn’t what I journaled that was destructive but the way in which I wanted to share in a “show-offy” way.

So should you share what you journal? Yes and no. Take a lesson from me and do it from a place of extreme humility with a pure heart to share what God is teaching you and not what you want to preach to others.

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