Sharing our faith as believers is something that should come as naturally as talking about our favorite sports team. The truth is… sometimes it just doesn’t. One of the main reasons we don’t share their faith is fear. Another reason we don’t share their faith often is that we think we’re sharing more than we actually are. Take a minute and think about the last time you engaged with someone about the message of hope that we find in the Gospel. It should’ve been yesterday but for most of us, it probably wasn’t. Maybe it was last week or last month, or maybe never.

If we are more aware of the frequency in which we are engaging or not engaging others to point them to Christ, we would be more compelled to share. It’s for this reason, in my journal I created what I call the ‘EvangeList’. Every time I get to share my faith with someone, rather they are a complete stranger or friend or family, I write it down in list form in order to keep track of my engagements.


Here’s what you can write down for your EvangeList:




How did the conversation start?

Interesting points (to help remember them)

What is their faith?

Did you get to share the Gospel?

How did they receive it?

Good & bad points of the conversation

How can you pray for them?

These are my ten points of my personal EvangeList but you can tweak it and make it your own. I’ve found the more I am willing to engage with others, the more it fuels me to keep sharing because there are people all around us who don’t know the love of Jesus Christ.

This list helps aid me in remembering and praying for each of the individuals I talk to. You may be the only person who is actively praying for them to come to know Christ.

Whether you’re an evangelist by heart or are completely new to sharing your faith, journaling your evangelism efforts will help keep you motivated and pushing forward to engage more.

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