Encouraging your children to journal can help them process feelings and emotions they may have tucked away.

“Journaling is often a good activity for kids who are reluctant to write or, in some cases, reluctant to speak,” writes Amanda Morin, a children’s activities expert. “The versatility of journaling means it can be incorporated into many different areas of learning, including math, science, and social studies.”

The summertime provides a perfect opportunity for kids to start a journal.

Here are a few journal ideas your kids may enjoy:

Illustrated – An illustrated journal is certainly not new but it is definitely a new trend. If you have a child who enjoys drawing, doodling, or painting this may be a great way to start them journaling. Many people will read and then illustrate a picture of what inspired them from their reflections.

Nature – If you have kids who like to play outside (a rare thing in 2016) they may enjoy a nature journal. Have them write down what they have discovered in the backyard. They may also enjoy taping different types of leaves or natural elements inside the journal.

Vacation – If your family is getting away this summer, having a vacation journal to record fun memories is an excellent way to get your kids excited about journaling and will be a great way to look back on summer trips.

Feelings – Kids sometimes have a tough time expressing their true feelings. Give them the opportunity to reflect on their emotions about experiences in a journal.

Daily prompt – Pose a question, thought, or idea to your child and have them journal about it.

Bible – Journaling through passages of Scripture is a classic approach to writing. Encourage your children write down what they’re learning in God’s word.

Journaling by Jeff Parker’s son Bennett Parker

There are countless other ways your kids can journal this summer. Giving them an awesome journal and great writing/drawing utensils is a great way to invest in their growth.

And remember, kids watch what their parents do, if you love to journal they may just follow in your footsteps.

What are some journaling ideas for kids you have?

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