As I’ve mentioned in other places, when I reached a place of full brokenness and finally confessed, I was left wondering what’s next? In the days that followed, I really didn’t know what I would do each day. But each morning I committed to being at my kitchen table with my Bible and my journal.

Sixteen months later, I confess that I’m still a journaling newbie compared to many others. And yet, I’ve already seen firsthand the power that journaling can have in helping create a legacy.

#1 Journaling Will Help You Increase Time Spent in God’s Word

Reading God’s Word is not a sprint. It’s not a checkbox item. It’s not something to be trifled with. For most of my life (to my great shame), that’s how I approached time reading my Bible.

Now, I only wish to linger deeply within it. When I go to bed, I long to wake up early, read from the Scriptures, and see what He desires to teach me each day. And I have my pen and paper ready.

For He isn’t just giving us truth that we are to easily discard each day. Wisdom is to be cherished (Prov 19:8). God often reveals His Word to His people in degrees and it is designed to keep out those that only care to trifle with its content. So we cherish His Word by longing for truth first, receiving it well when it comes, and giving it ample opportunity to sink its roots into us after it comes.

Journaling can help you with all of those things. It can slow you down as you go over a passage. When you write down what you’re learning, you’ll begin to to re-read certain verses, passages so that you can squeeze out all of the truth that God intends for you to receive each day.

Time spent in God’s Word does not guarantee a perfect correlation to a life well lived. It must be practiced as well. But, without time spent in God’s Word, your legacy will not be what you want. That’s a guaranteed correlation.  Let journaling be a means by which your legacy can begin to flourish.

#2 Journaling is Contagious and Will Influence Those Most Important to You

I confessed on January 19, 2015. A few days later, my son and I were daily reading the Bible together. A month later he was asking for journals and journal supplies for his 8th birthday. His 8th birthday. He didn’t want video games, baseball cards, etc. He wanted journaling supplies so that he too could journal his time in God’s Word.

If that’s the only legacy I leave, it would be infinitely better than the one I was writing before 1-19-15.

You too can leave that legacy. As you begin to share what you’re learning, God will use your example and His wisdom flowing through you to grab other’s attention. They will begin to ask you what your mornings look like or how you spend time in God’s Word. You’ll speak out of an overflow of the heart because you are truly being filled up every day (Luke 6:45).

Imagine if your family began to journal their time spent in God’s Word. Imagine if your friends, colleagues, etc did the same. Leading others down the path of spending time in God’s Word is a legacy you won’t ever regret.

But like Ezra 7:10 reads, first you must study God’s Word, then you practice it, then you’ll be able to teach. Sometimes by example. It begins with studying God’s Word. And even as you practice journaling, watch as your legacy begins to unfold.

#3 Journaling Creates a Beautiful Archive

By God’s grace, I’ve got a shelf forming of journals. I look forward to the day it’s an entire bookcase.


I reference them often as I go back over certain passages. I’ve got other personal blog writings in them in their original form as well. They’re part of the evidence of my repentance and I don’t want to stop now.

I don’t envision our children crowding around our tablet devices looking at our Evernote notes or our digital book highlights (I’m not saying those don’t have their place). Yet, one day might your children want to flip through your journals and see the heritage of their faith?

Absolutely. Without a doubt.

Your journals could represent so much. They could represent your journey along wisdom’s path. They could reflect your walk with Christ on the good Proverbs 12:28 path. They could be a gift to your children of the wounds, scars, battles and victories that mark godly men and women.

Let’s get to writing.

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