This is my friend Casper. He’s Kenyan.

He is young, wise, and loves Jesus. He wants to change his homeland from within, and thus is aspiring to be a politician.

We met last year when his political aspirations and our journals were but fragile dreams. We hung out for a good two months focused on where God was leading us. We encouraged each other in our particular pursuits. I know when my doubt was often the greatest, Casper was there to push me further down the path.

And then abruptly, we stopped meeting. Our schedules changed. And nine months passed.

As luck (or Providence) would have it, we ran into each other two weeks ago. Casper was returning to Kenya (for good) to begin focusing on his political calling. I had no idea he was close to leaving. He had no idea how the journal idea had progressed.

We left mutually encouraged about each other’s progress. He left with a DEN Journal in hand and asked me to sign it. So I signed it with my prayer for him – Acts 20:27.

May the Lord do wonders in Kenya. Casper, don’t shrink back from declaring the full purpose of God. Press on, my dear friend.


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