6 Journaling Ideas For Kids This Summer

The summertime provides a perfect opportunity for kids to start a journal. Here are a few journal ideas your kids may enjoy…

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5 Cool Ways Double Edged Notes Journals Are Being Used

We’re starting to hear about some great ways that our journals are being used. I wish these were my ideas, but they’re not and I’ve decided I’m okay with that. We’d love to hear about the ways that you are creatively using your journals, whether they’re DEN journals or something else. So give us some feedback or add to our comment section below. 

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Should You Screen Or Paper Read?

Is it easier to learn while using a computer screen or paper? In a digital age, reading and absorbing information from a screen is almost unavoidable but is it the most beneficial way to retain information?

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3 Ways Journaling Can Help You Leave a Legacy

As I’ve mentioned in other places, when I reached a place of full brokenness and finally confessed, I was left wondering what’s next? In the days that followed, I really didn’t know what I would do each day. But each morning I committed to being at my kitchen table with my Bible and my journal.

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What Women are Saying About Their DEN Journal

If you’re looking for a gift for Mom, consider a DEN journal. There’s still time, and you can even get quick, free shipping from Amazon here (if you’re Prime or order is over $49). We think it makes for a great gift, but don’t take our word for it, take theirs!

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3 Reasons Why I Recommend a Physical, Handwritten Journal

Maybe it’s because I’ve launched a journal-based company, but I’ve heard, in some form or fashion, the following sentiment over and over again lately: The two consistent things found in those that God is actively transforming to His Son’s image and using mightily is …

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Want to Get Better at Memorizing Scripture?

Here’s my general understanding of scripture memory.

  1. It is an important spiritual discipline. 
  2. We all want to do it well.
  3. Yet, most of us feel like we’re doing a poor job in this area.
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4 Ways You Can Get Involved

As we officially kick off this humble launching of Double Edged Notes, I want to answer the question that I get a lot: How can I help? There’s a lot of different answers depending on your level of activity and interest in what we’re doing.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Journal Devotionally

Reading your Bible is not a race. As we all agree, it’s not a checkbox item. It’s a chance with us to be still before God and consider His truth. Writing down your thoughts, convictions, praises, and prayers slow you down.

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Part II: Give the Gospel

Some of the fastest growing Christian nations in the world are countries in Asia that do not allow the Gospel of Christ to be openly taught, preached, or read. Many of the faithful men and women there go their whole lives without access to their own personal Bible. 

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