EvangeList: Journaling Your Faith Sharing Encounters

If we are aware of the frequency in which we are engaging or not engaging others to point them to Christ, we would be more compelled to share. It’s for this reason, in my journal I created what I call the ‘EvangeList’. Every time I get to share my faith with someone, rather they are a complete stranger or friend or family, I write it down in order to keep track of my engagements.

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Faithful Journaling With Scott Kedersha

There’s no right or wrong way, but I believe you’ll be thankful you took some time to find your way and a method of recording what God is teaching you. 

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Should You Share What You Journal?

Journaling can be a time of great internal reflection. Some of my clearest thoughts come when I am alone with God, a pen, and paper. When God allows your mind, heart, and hand to connect through journaling, sometimes you have the natural urge to want to share with someone – but should you?

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A Big DEN Milestone, The Road to China, and John Royer

“Another seven months later on June 16, 2016, we sold our 1,000th journal. I made sure it was to John Royer. Why? Because without John, we don’t sell 1,000 journals. It’s that simple. “

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4 Reasons A Food Journal Can Help With Weight Loss

Is there still benefit from keeping a pen to paper food journal? Experts are giving a resounding “yes” to that question.

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Veterans Finding Transition To Civilian Life Easier By Journaling

For scores of veterans returning home from the Middle East, the transition to civilian life will not be an easy one. Nearly half of the returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan will report at least some difficulty reintegrating to civilian life, including post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Healing Power In Journaling?

Putting pen to paper can have a great impact on improving physical health according to research. Writing not only can help with emotional stress but may also boost the immune system. 

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Journaling Can Help Your Career, Here’s How [Video]

Best-selling author, professional speaker, and marketing coach Terry Brock explains why using a journal can help your career.

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6 Journaling Ideas For Kids This Summer

The summertime provides a perfect opportunity for kids to start a journal. Here are a few journal ideas your kids may enjoy…

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Should You Screen Or Paper Read?

Is it easier to learn while using a computer screen or paper? In a digital age, reading and absorbing information from a screen is almost unavoidable but is it the most beneficial way to retain information?

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